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Multicon Inženjering

  • Number of employees: 112

  • Yearly income: 20.454.476 €

During whole time of service activities Multicon will have close cooperation with statutory authorities and communal public companies on developed design conditions and approvals.

Multicon inzenjering has knowledge of Building Regulations and relevant local legislation including Fire Safety Regulations.

During their work they will apply all latest solutions to give value for money to Client. Also, in execution of the service Multicon is using the all available data and experiences, as well as, the operation and maintenance expenses and cost structures gained through theirs already realized Development:
• provide model for defining the financial structures of all parts and phases of project
• provide up front information about the true cost of components and cost of construction
• provide general information about operations and maintenance expenses
• provide quality, budget and schedule control in accordance with international standards
• provide consulting services with authorized institutions and utility companies

Multicon is a dynamic project delivery organization founded three years ago to participate in and assist with the development in Serbia and in other countries of the region. Multicon has achieved rapid growth through providing full services support to our local and multinational clients. Our skilled and dedicated staff has earned reputation for providing high quality and value-addes services. The hallmark of Multicon`s project delivery is the smooth integration of planning, design, procurement and construction management into a comprehensive teamwork.

As a result of client needs our service capabilities have progressively expanded to where we now offer services covering the following areas:
• Real estate Developments
• Industrial Facilities and Technology Installation
• Envitonmental Services & Wastewater and Treatment
• Gasification and District Heating Systems.



  • Airport City

  • Year: N/A Budget: 120.000.000 €
  • Airport City is the first multi-use commercial facility in Serbia that merges the latest in building technology, together with a tenant focused approach. See more

  • Europen Megastore

  • Year: 2008 Budget: 8.000.000 €
  • With construction of wholesale building in New Belgrade - Europen Megastore in Block 41,participation of enterprises Europen Trade-A office market, advertising materials and consumer goods market will significantly increase. See more