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  • Category: Construction, Design
  • Address: Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 115, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
  • Phone/fax: +381 11 3113740
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
  • Number of employees: 1200

  • Yearly income: 33.289.789 €

Construction company "Napred" is one of the leading companies in the planning, design and construction of investment facilities.

Founded at 1948th for the needs of the Army, "Napred" has grown into a modern company able to apply current technologies and building systems.

With 1200 employees, of which 70 engineers with various profiles, over 100 technicians, 450 highly skilled and 300 skilled workers, providing complete engineering services - from design studies, design, construction, reconstruction, furnishing, monitoring, technological development and economic analysis.

Dealing with this kind of work for more than 55 years, "Napred" has built facilities located in ten countries on three continents.

Constant cooperation with scientific and technical and higher educational institutions, monitoring of global innovation, knowledge of architectural and cultural traditions, architecture and interface design, high level of mechanization are enabling the implementation of projects for investors with different requirements, as well as all types of buildings - residential, commercial, industrial, the most complex reconstruction, civil engineering and infrastructure.

The high professionalism in their performance is the reason for the Napred’s numerous awards, both from domestic and foreign investors.



  • Bezanijska kosa

  • Year: 1990 Budget: N/A
  • The housing estate was carried out in the IMS skeleton and panel system (industrial assembly system), classical building by syporex blocks, as well as cast concrete structure. See more

  • The Banjica

  • Year: 1976 Budget: N/A
  • The residential complex has a special position as a town settlement in a countryside close to the city and with good city transportation. See more

  • Residential block 23

  • Year: 1974 Budget: N/A
  • According to the basic town-planning concept, Block 23 consists of three types of buildings divided into several spatial groups. See more

  • Domestic appliances factory

  • Year: 1991 Budget: N/A
  • This complex consists of production hall, workshop, administrative office building and a skyscraper. See more

  • IKL industrial complex

  • Year: 1981 Budget: N/A
  • Within the industrial complex of IKL (Industry of ball bearings) in Sarajevo, on the area of 14,948 m2, 10 buildings have been built. See more