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  • Number of employees: 412

  • Yearly income: 29.066.414 €

The main activity of the company Projektomontaza is design and construction of water supply system and sewage installations, thermo-technical and electrical installations, construction and craftworks.

Projektomontaza - the company with a long lasting tradition. With its quality and competitiveness, the company has endured various conditions and maintained the leading position on the market.

The road from the outset and great enthusiasm of a small collective of 20 people, to a big company with around 390 staff members and fully capable of tackling all corporate challenges, has been the course of constant strive for perfection, achievement of the highest standards and professional level of work, and capability to meet all demands of modern and open market in the civil engineering.


  • Doncafe factory

  • Year: 2007 Budget: 10.000.000 €
  • Doncafe factory is equipped with the latest technological equipment for processing coffee, with processing capacity exceeding 18,000 tons per year, which will grow to 30,000 tons. See more

  • Belville

  • Year: 2010 Budget: 200.000.000 €
  • Belville is a completely new concept of residential space, snuggled in the heart of New Belgrade. Belville is a miniature city of its own in the midst of the Serbian capital Belgrade and is unique in many ways. See more