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Car shopping mall in New Belgrade

07. May 2010.

Autocentar Stojanović, the official Škoda dealer, is going to open a new office space at 3,500 square meters in Block 45 in New Belgrade by the end of the year. See more

Business parks at 47 ha

07. May 2010.

Alongside the Ibarska main route, at the surface of about 47 ha, various facilities will be built for business and commercial contents: retail trade, catering, scientific and research works, culture and entertainment. See more

Corridor 10 to be finished "in 2 years"

05. May 2010.

Infrastructure Minister Milutin Mrkonjić said that Serbia is “a large construction site, and Corridor 10 will be finished by May 1, 2012.” See more

Credit for railway modernization

05. May 2010.

Serbian Minister of economy Mladjan Dinkic and Czech Minister of industry and trade Vladimnir Tosovsky have signed a protocol on economic cooperation between the two countries. See more

Works on Corridor 10 north section

29. April 2010.

Construction on the left side of the Corridor 10 highway section from Horgoš to Novi Sad will start this Tuesday. See more