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Decision for Gazela Bridge credit

19. February 2010.

EBRD Director for Serbia Hildegard Gacek said that she expects the bank’s board of directors to make a decision on the Gazela Bridge loan by mid-March. See more

Three bids for northern Corridor 10

17. February 2010.

Three bids have come in for the construction of 110 kilometers of the northern leg of Corridor 10. The stretch will go from from Novi Sad to Horgoš and from Subotica to Kelebija, it was announced on Feb. 16, at the opening of the bids in the Serbian Ministry of Infrastructure. See more

EBRD on bridge loan at end of month

12. February 2010.

EBRD will decide at the end of February whether it will approve a EUR 33mn loan for the reconstruction of the Gazela Bridge in Belgrade. This announcement came on Thursday from the public enterprise Roads of Serbia (Putevi Srbije), Beta news agency reported. See more

Construction of new U.S. embassy

11. February 2010.

The building of the new U.S. embassy officially began on Wednesday in the Belgrade suburb of Dedinje. It is expected to be completed in 2012. The total value of the project is USD 117mn, and 500 workers have been hired for the project, mostly from Serbia. See more

Energoprojekt Entel in Qatar

09. February 2010.

Energoprojekt Entel has signed the new contract worth 20.3m USD in Qatar - Belgrade-based Energoprojekt holding, a part of which is Energoprojekt Entel, announced today (February 8, 2010). See more