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Belgrade-Adriatic highway “ready in two years”

Infrastructure Minister Milutin Mrkonjić says that the section of highway from Belgrade to Ljig will be ready in the next two years. See more

Top locations for buyers

We have completed the project-planning documentation for attractive industrial zone in accordance with the spatial plan of the municipality of Šid and the general plan for Adaševci because that industrial zone is situated in that borough. See more

Construction of biodiesel factory in Kruševac close to end

Construction of Biodiesel factory in Kruševac, which will operate within the Lubricant factory (FAM), is in its final phase, and production should start in the first half of year 2010. See more

Israeli "Big CEE" starts construction of shopping park in Novi Sad

Israeli "Big CEE" Group (Big Central European Estates Group) is about to start construction of its first trade center in Serbia in Novi Sad, in which 60m EUR will be invested. See more

Water factory in Vrbas prior to 2012

Municipality of Vrbas signed the contract yesterday (November 10, 2009) with Israeli company "Tahal" on elaboration of a project and construction of a water factory, for which the Government of Netherlands granted 5m EUR - Dragan Stijepović, the Deputy President of the Temporary Organ of the municipality of Vrbas, told "eKapija" and pointed out that the other half of the funds would be provided from the Capital Investments Fund of Vojvodina. See more