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Sirmium Steel in Sremska Mitrovica

16. June 2010.

Italian STG-group, famous steel manufacturer that uses waste iron as raw material, is finishing its Sirmium Steel foundry in Sremska Mitrovica, which will be put in operation in mid-September. It will have 200 workers and produce 250,000 tons of steel beams per year, which will be later used in rolling mills for production of various types of building armature that is in high demand. See more

Bridge-trade center

16. June 2010.

On the Belica river, which flows through the center of Jagodina, a bridge-trade center worth one million euros was opened on Monday (June 14, 2010). This bridge leads to the General Hospital and the Health Center in Jagodina. See more

Gas stations on Corridor 10

16. June 2010.

The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning has ceased construction of gas stations along the whole Corridor 10 in order for the locations intended for that to be first expropriated and then sold on tenders. See more

New LED street lights in Belgrade

16. June 2010.

We are fourth month into the reconstruction of Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard, so Beobuild made another tour around the site to check out this complete overhaul of this important artery, which includes new pavements, road and all underground installations. See more

Dinosaurs in Svilajnac

08. June 2010.

- Construction of a scientific-educational natural history center, in which dinosaur fossils will be exhibited, should start in autumn in Svilajnac - the representatives of the municipality of Svilajnac announced yesterday (June 7, 2010). See more