Master plan defines long-term spatial development projections of cities and settlements and determines construction sites, prevailing space/land use inside particular sites, tracings, corridors and capacities for transportation, power supply, water management, communal and other infrastructure, as zones and entities where urbanistic plans will be elaborated for and zones and entities of the uniformed construction rules, defined by Master plan. See more

Novi Pazar

Master plan of Novi Pazar was begun under the Law on spatial planning and development (Official gazzete of RS no. 44/95) which was repealed by passing a new Law on Planning and Construction (Official Gazette. RS 47/2003). See more


General plan of the city of Sombor is defined in accordance with the Law on Planning and Construction (Official Gazette RS no. 47/2003), the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia (Official Gazette and the Spatial Plan of the Municipality of Sombor (Figure list of the municipal assembly br.3/84) which is in accordance with the Law revised and implemented through the Decision on determining the parts that are not in Sombor which are not inconsistent with the Law (Official Gazette No. 9 / 2003) See more


With decision on the accession of developing the Master Plan, Subotica - Palic 2020. with amendements (Official Gazette of the Municipality of Subotica, no. 16/99 and 37/2002) they determined borders of the Plan - building and district goals and objectives of Planning settlements. See more


Master Plan of urban settlement Valjevo continues a long tradition of planning in Valjevo and changes the previous Master Plan from 1987. Plan includes about 2600 hectares, and this space has capacity for a better life and work for about 65 to 70 thousand people from this city, as well as satisfying their needs and the needs of environment. See more