Here you can see Master Plan of Kragujevac. Master Plan defines the long-term projections of development and physical planning of settlements. Kragujevac City Assembly, on the basis of Article 54 Paragraph 1 Law on Planning and Construction ("Official Gazette of RS, no. 47/03) and Article 29 Item 4 Statute of the City of Kragujevac ( "Official Gazette of Kragujevac, no. 3 / 02) at the meeting held on 25.02.2005. brought to the Kragujevac Master Plan 2015. See more


The current Master Plan 1995-2010 was passed in 1995. The full text of Master Plan was published in the Official Gazette of the city of Nis No. 13/95. Nis Master Plan was adopted as the basis long-term city development in the period 1995-2010. See more

Novi Sad

Based on Article 55 Paragraph 5 of Internal rules of the Assembly of Novi Sad ("Official Gazette of the City of Novi Sad, no. 3/2005 and 4/2005) and Article 5 Decision on Amending the General Plan of the city of Novi Sad to 2021st ("Official Gazette of the City of Novi Sad, No. 10/2006), Commission for regulations set of the Assembly of Novi Sad on the 9th session in the 2006. year, established a refined Master Plan text of Novi Sad to 2021. See more