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Bridge-trade center

16. June 2010.

On the Belica river, which flows through the center of Jagodina, a bridge-trade center worth one million euros was opened on Monday (June 14, 2010). This bridge leads to the General Hospital and the Health Center in Jagodina.

This unique architectural solution replaced earlier iron pedestrian bridge two meters wide. The new bridge includes two pedestrian crossings, which are seven meters wide and occupy the surface of 240 square meters. Besides, 27 outlets are built at the surface of 600 square meters.

According to the analysis performed by building company Put, which is the project investor, the river in that place is daily crossed by about 6,000 citizens. The investor allotted pedestrian crossings to the city and paid over EUR 100,000 for public utilities. It is the second bridge built across the Belica river this year. One month ago, a bridge for motor vehicles and pedestrians was opened in the vicinity of the Administrative center in Jagodina.

Source: eKapija