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Construction of Yura factory in Nis

02. July 2010.

Automotive supplies factory Yura from South Korea will start construction of a factory in Nis in September because the city has met all the obligations towards that company - Mayor Miloš Simonović confirmed.

He said that the City Council of Nis made the necessary decisions for commencement of construction at the yesterday's (June 29, 2010) meeting, and that they would be adopted at the meeting of the City Parliament of Nis, which was scheduled for July 5.

- Yura is the largest investment in Nis in the last 20 years - Simonović stated at the press conference and criticized earlier writings in the media that Nis was not ready for the beginning of construction of factory Yura.

The Mayor pointed out that Nis was the first city in Serbia to rent land under the new Law on Planning and Construction.

- Nis is the first city in Serbia to attract investors under the new Law on Planning and Construction, which envisages rental of land below the market price, and we have finished all related procedures. The agenda for the City Parliament's meeting has already been suggested, and we should have another meeting of the Council in order to pass the justification study on land lease below the market price - said Simonović.

The City Council has abolished the regulatory plan for work zone Donje Medjurovo, changed the decision on fee for organization of the city building land, and revoked the decision on rental of land in work zone Donje Medjurovo. In addition, the city will give four hectares of land to the South Korean company for free for construction of the factory that should employ 1,500 people next year.

Simonović announced that an Italian supplier of components to Fiat would also open a factory in Nis and employ 400 people, and it seems it is a company whose entire production is intended for export and that an agreement should be signed by mid-July. Simonović did not want to reveal the name of that Italian company.

Source: eKapija