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Czechs build power plant on Pester

06. April 2021.

Czech Energy-Economy Fund is interested in building a 320 MW steam power plant on Pester in association with the Government of Serbia and the municipality of Sjenica and investing about 700 million euros in it.

The first kilowatts of electricity from the Pester steam power plant should start "flowing" in about ten years. Companies from Italy, Germany and some other countries have also expressed an interest in the construction of a power plant on Pester, which would be completely ecologically "clean" and it would employ about 1,000 people.

Over one billion tons of excellent brown coal lie unused on Pester, and there is also lignite that can be exploited on the surface. The Pester coal basin is the second richest in Serbia, right behind the Kosovo coal basin. Sjenica-based Stavalj mine, which barely survives, produces only 70,000 tons of "black gold" per year.

Source: eKapija

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