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Dinosaurs in Svilajnac

08. June 2010.

- Construction of a scientific-educational natural history center, in which dinosaur fossils will be exhibited, should start in autumn in Svilajnac - the representatives of the municipality of Svilajnac announced yesterday (June 7, 2010).

This center, the first of the kind in the region, should cost between 3 and 5 million euros. In addition to workshops and a section for scientific research, the complex at 3,000 square meters should also comprise a display area with dinosaur replicas, original fossils, and a presentation of prehistoric animal world.

- Construction of a 3D cinema for science and documentary movies within the complex is also in the pipeline, and the money from the tickets for the display area will be invested in scientific-research programmes in the area of geology, climatology, ecology and paleontology - said the representatives of local authorities.

It is expected that about 120,000 people will visit the center every year because it will be situated on Corridor 10 and in the tourist region of central Serbia where the Resava Cave and Manasija Monastery are located as well.

- According to the plan, an outdoor science-fun park should be built later and it should include life-size dinosaur replicas and a volcano model - said the people from the municipality of Svilajnac and added that the center would be intended for education of kids.

Source: eKapija