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"Gorenje" is building a recycling center

22. July 2010.

"Gorenje" company is opening a recycling center for electronic and electrical waste in Valjevo. The investment is worth several million euros, and the future center will employ 80 workers.

Slovenian company "Gorenje", whose factory of refrigerators has been working successfully for already several years in Valjevo, has notified on Wednesday, of its intention to open a center for recycling, Oliver Dulic, the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning. As part of Operation "Green Wagon Serbia", Dulic visited Valjevo on Wednesday.

- Similar recycling centers exist in other towns in Serbia. It is significant that the plant "Gorenje" intends to open in Valjevo would be able to recycle a larger quantity of the electronic and electrical waste - said Minister Dulic

Source: eKapija