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Lafarge is the world leader in building materials, with a long history and strong presence in Central Europe. Investment in Serbia for Lafarge Group is an important and long-term step started in early 2002. We were one of the very first private investors in Serbia.

Mr. Kamil Beffa CEO


  • The Group believed and still continues to believe in Serbia's future and in the development of its market. We have chosen Serbia and Beocin for several reasons:
  • Good access to raw material resources (limestone, marl, etc.);
  • Location at the heart of Vojvodina (Serbia's most developed region);
  • Proximity to Danube (water roads);
  • Skilled and motivated workforce.



  • Our expectations have mainly been met. What certainly exceeded our expectations was our findings about people in Serbia, who are very open and friendly, very professional, however still prepared for further study and advancement. Today, we can say with confidence that the main elements of the Group standards are present in the daily work at Lafarge BFC.
  • The investment phase is now completed so that we can close down the two old lines of wet production in July 2004, significantly reducing environmental pollution and improving the ecological situation in Beocin. We have invested 62.5 million euros into reconstruction and modernization of the plant, with technical investments directed into production capacities and plant reliability increase and reduction of negative influence to the environment.



  • Speaking about our plans, I may express our intention to continue our marked route. Lafarge BFC will continue building a modern, environment-friendly and well managed plant. Our objective is clear - to manage Beocin as a successful part of the Lafarge system and, at the same time, a symbol of the Serbian industrial leadership.
  • Our plan for the coming years is to continue to invest in the plant and continue improving the environmental situation. We want Lafarge BFC to be the undisputable leader of the cement industry in Serbia, creating value for all, investing in our people and contributing local communities.



  • Our message to potential investors is that Serbia is a very relevant location for foreign investment. There are huge potentials in Serbia as it is located on major European transportation corridors. It represents one of the largest fast growing markets in South East Europe, while regulatory and business conditions are improving every day. Foreign investors have huge support from all relevant Ministries that is equivalent to Serbian entities.
  • In order to share our experience and attract other investors to join us, we developed Beocin Business Park Projects, as a non-profit initiative and the first corporate social responsibility project in Serbia. Five hectares of land (with a possibility to expand up to 15 ha) are available to investors, positioned nearby the Danube River and having a good connection to main infrastructure. Because of all these reasons, we want to tell all potential investors: Come to Serbia and invest!


Source: Siepa