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Maxim Group invested 21 million euros

10. August 2010.

Slovenian Maxim Group will put in operation in late August the newly built unit of Metal-cinkara in Indjija, in which about 21 million euros have been invested - the Celje-based company announced on August 5, 2010.

According to the announcement, furnaces for melting zinc will be put in operation in late August, while the process of hot-dip galvanizing will start few days later.

The galvanizing unit in Indjija will be the largest in the Balkans it will have the biggest and the latest technology lines in southeast Europe. Once opened, it is expected to employ about 50 people.

The galvanizing unit in Indjija will be Maxim's second company in Serbia, since that group already owns 100% of the galvanizing unit in Cuprija, which was one of the reasons why the Slovenian company decided to expand its operations in Serbia in the first place.

People in Maxim Group announced earlier that they had implemented all necessary international standards in the metal industry, including environmental ones.

That means that 88% of waste in Metal-cinkara in Indjija will be recyclable, while the remaining waste will be managed by the people authorized by Serbian Ministry of Environment Protection and Spatial Planning. It should be mentioned that there will be no waste water in this unit.

Simon Bastl, the Director of Indjija-based Metal-cinkara, said that the number of employees in the galvanizing unit in Celje would not be increased, while the number of people working in Serbia should be nearly doubled.

- Our development strategy prior to 2015 includes very important investments, some of which will be made in the market of Serbia - Bastl announced.

Source: eKapija