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METRO Cash&Carry

METRO Cash & Carry is the world wholesale market leader operating with 544 distribution centers in 28 countries. After the government announcement of the introduction of VAT law, which was vital for starting operations of the METRO Cash & Carry business in Serbia, we could go ahead with our plans to invest and open the first cash & carry distribution center in Serbia.

Mr. Damir First  Chairman of Board of DirectorsWHY SERBIA?

We are satisfied with the work of our distribution centers in Belgrade and Kragujevac, in which company has invested €60 million during 2005. We are especially pleased with our employees and, based on our previous experience, I would like to say that Serbia has a large number of qualified, highly educated people with a great potential for further improvement.



We are satisfied with the work of our distribution centers, in which company has invested close to €100 million up to this point. Metro has employed 1,300 people and until now the interest to join the METRO team was enormous. During each job opening, we have received several times bigger number of applications than requested.

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), as part of the fourth annual SEE Ministerial Conference on Investment and Trade, has awarded METRO Cash & Carry Serbia as the Largest Regional Greenfield Investment in the region. This award speaks much about our approach to the Serbian market and its economy which grows fast. This information will be significant to the potential foreign investors, since in the world trade circles, METRO has a reputation of a pioneer in entering new markets. Furthermore, the company invests only in the countries where all financial and trade regulations necessary for doing legal business exist.



Today, METRO Cash & Carry posseses five distribution centers: two in Belgrade (Zemun i Krnjača), one in Kragujevac, Novi Sad and Nis. This continues the regional expansion and METRO Cash & Carry's strategic development.



To conclude, in Serbia, conditions for serious investors exist and they are constantly improving and together with the region of South East Europe, represent the main growth market in the next period.


Source: Siepa