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New building for University of Novi Sad

22. July 2010.

Deputy Prime Minister for European Integrations and Minister for Science and Technological Development Bozidar Djelic, President of AP Vojvodina Bojan Pajtic and Rector of the University of Novi Sad Miroslav Veskovic signed a protocol on the implementation and financing of the project "Central Building of the University of Novi Sad".

Djelic explained that the project will be implemented from July 2010, until 31 December 2011, it will be worth EUR 5.5 million and it is a part of the investment cycle of 400 million EUR in scientific and technological infrastructure of the Ministry.

According to him, the Republic of Serbia will invest EUR 4 million which have been recently provided through signing of the Agreement with the European Investment Bank, while the rest of 1.5 million EUR would be invested by the province through its Fund for capital investment.

Future central building of the University of Novi Sad is the initial investment in the upcoming cycle of significant investment in scientific and technological infrastructure that will implemented in synergy between the Republic and Vojvodina, for the sake of knowledge and the future of Serbia, said Deputy Prime Minister.

Pajtic pointed out that in the new administrative building of the University of Novi Sad will be located and some regional development institutions and announced that in 2011 Novi Sad should get a technology park worth approximately 20 million EUR.

During a visit to Novi Sad, Djelic visited the campus of Technical University and attended the conference "European Conference on the physics of ionized gases - ESKAMPIG" at the Novi Sad Fair.

Source: eKapija