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New LED street lights in Belgrade

16. June 2010.

We are fourth month into the reconstruction of Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard, so Beobuild made another tour around the site to check out this complete overhaul of this important artery, which includes new pavements, road and all underground installations.

The contours of its future looks are already evident on the left side from Batutova street to Cvetkova pijaca where they are finishing new sidewalks and tram lines, while the right side of the boulevard will commence in the coming days.

The most of the activity is on the section from Vukov spomenik to Batutova street. Along the right side they are completing installation of the new underground pipes, so it is expected to soon start paving the road and tiling of the sidewalks as well. After that, workers will cross on the other side(left) of the boulevard and we will follow that phase of the reconstruction as well.

Beobuild have noticed one very interesting innovation that we want to mention. On the reconstructed section of the boulevard, new street lighting will use the latest LED technology for the first time in Belgrade. This street lights are very advanced, offering numerous benefits compared to usual gas lamps. Practically it is offering exceptional energy efficiency and durability, so the maintenance costs are significantly reduced. The latest models can offer 10 years warranty, while its higher price allows cost recovery through energy savings in just couple of years. Also it doesn’t contains mercury or lead, making its environmental footprint minimal.

Source: Beobulid