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Pirot made plan for capital investments

12. June 2021.

The municipality of Pirot has made the plan for capital investments for further development of the city - Pirot Deputy Mayor Branislav Kostic said on August 15th.

Kostic told Beta agency that experts, representatives of local authorities and political parties, chiefs of municipal departments, and directors of public companies had participated in the work on the plan.

- Every investment worth more than 5 million dinars is considered a capital investment, and there are about 70 projects on the rank list - said Kostic.

He added that, after the public insight, the plan would be first considered by the Municipal Council, and then by the board members of the City Assembly of Pirot.

- The priorities are traffic infrastructure, reconstruction of regional roads, construction and renovation of local roads, Gazela bridge and Mali Most bridge, indoor swimming pool, waste water treatment unit, as well as development of industrial zone and replacement of asbestos pipes in the city - said Kostic.

The Government of Serbia will co-finance construction of the indoor swimming pool in Pirot, and that project was selected at the open contest that was launched with the aim of stimulating domestic building sector at the time of the crisis.

The municipality of Pirot made the plan for capital investments in association with the USAID's MEGA Project.

Source: eKapija