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Recreational center in Leskovac

22. July 2010.

A company from the United Arab Emirates with its partners is planning to build a sports and recreational center, in Leskovac picnic resort, Pasha fountain, worth 5 million EUR, according the City Council member, Sasha Pesic statement on July, 18th.

 The company, headed by Naser Saleh Abdul Selem Almeri, was the only that applied for the lease of 86 acres of land on the Pasha fountain, on the period of 20 years.

- In an interview with the Mayor and his associates, Almeri expressed a desire that the first phase of work commences on 15th, August this year and to be finished in May, of the next year. According to the project of the city, which we are adjusting with Almeri's plans, it will be the most beautiful sport, leisure and entertainment center in Serbia - Pesic told to BETA agency.

According to that Project that Beta had the opportunity to see, it is in plan to build a complex on the surface of 15 hectares, which will include two hotels with three and five stars, fifteen sports facilities, including miniature golf, zoo, tream tracks, swimming pool and artificial lake.

Pesic said that the contract for granting of location and for building of complexes would be signed after 23rd of July, when the City Council would adopt detailed regulation plan for the city 's picnic resort Pasha fountain.

- We are very pleased that we are the first in the former Yugoslavia, succeeded in attracting investors from the United Emirates - Pesic said.

Source: eKapija