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Serbia good for investing

23. June 2010.

Italian region Marche has opened in Belgrade its Regional Office in support to economic and institutional cooperation. As Raimondo Orsetti, Director of the sector for international cooperation says for ‘Blic’ this region has recognized Serbia as a country with excellent conditions for foreign investors.

Q: You said that your strategic orientation in this year were the markets of China and Serbia. Why Serbia?

‘Serbian market is very near to us. It belongs to the Adriatic and Balkan region where we want to cooperate not only in the field of economy but at the institutional and cultural level as well. The Marche Region has a population of 1.7 millions and 170,000 companies. That practically means that we have one active company per every ten people. That is, however, an economy characterized by not only large companies, but manufacture and small companies as well. They have need to develop their activities outside our region and Italy, too. Since the Adriatic region is so near to this region, it opens a large room in making a step towards internationalization. This shall be a successful relation for both countries. We understand and respect one another’.


Q: Do you expect the opening of the office for economic cooperation to make business dealing easier?

‘Certainly and the office has already begun to work. It is supposed to be a service to companies and assist them in coming into the Serbian market. We are also cooperating with the Italian Embassy, Center for economic cooperation and want to be a starting point for Italian companies that shall contact us’.


Q: Are there companies in Serbia interested in cooperation?

‘As early as in May representatives of 50 companies from Serbia visited us. They were led by Serbian Minister of economy and regional development Mladjan Dinkic. The first contacts were made then and some deals were contracted. Today we arranged contacts for about 50 of our business people and some concrete deals are expected. For example, one big Italian construction company would like to make a kind of large shopping mall with goods from the Marche Region only’.


Q: What is experience of Italian companies already working in Serbia? Investors mainly complain of complicated administration?

‘The so far cooperation has been really good and many huge Italian companies are successfully working in Serbia. Italian administration is complicated, too, so we are used to it’.

Source: Blic