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"Yura" Opens the Factory in Kragujevac

22. July 2010.

The company "Fiat" and South Korean company, "Yura", began talks on cooperation, and if they come to an agreement, the company that produces the electrical installations for the companies "Hyundai" and "Kia" in the center of Sumadija would open a new factory, in which they would employ about a thousand and a half of unemployed persons.

According to Nebojsa Zdravkovic, deputy Mayor of the City of Kragujevac and coordinator of "Fiat" project in Sumadija, said that at the proposal of the leaders of corporations "Yura", representatives of local governments have intervened in the negotiations. South Coreans demonstrated on the example of privatization of the company ''Zastava Elektro" from Raca the exceptional efficiency, and all are hoping for the successful negotiations. For the City it would mean a lot to open another factory in which they will employ so many workers.

"Yura" privatized the company "Zastava Elektro" in April and for two months, they renovated and became viable for the production. So far they employed 930 workers. Most of the workers are from Kragujevac - 500, because they could not find a sufficient number of unemployed with the appropriate qualifications in this Sumadija town. In the factory, they have already been working in two shifts and a full production of 20,000 sets of electric cars installations is exported to the company "Hyundai" and "Kia." Soon they will hire another 200 workers from Kragujevac. In addition, the company's leaders have announced that, with incentives of the Government of Serbia, they will open another factory in Nis.

Source: eKapija