Slavija Biro

SLAVIJA BIRO is a design office with headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia, offering its clients expert designing and consulting services along with the assurance that they are dealing with highly qualified and reliable people. For the past decade their office has completed planning and design projects for many clients - townships, state-owned and private enterprises and institutions, private investors and individuals. Their clients come back to us again and again, which speaks of the quality of our work.

SLAVIJA BIRO has a highly professional team that can offer designing and consulting services in all fields of planning and design, with emphasis on the following areas:

• urban planning and design

• planning and designing town reconstruction and revitalization

• architectural designs for residential, business, industrial and public buildings, tourist and commercial centers

• designing shore regulation and marina projects

• interior design and urban fixtures

• visual communications projects and project presentation

In all these undertakings, the SLAVIJA BIRO team is guided by the principle that the final goal of their work is to create the highest quality ambience in terms of aesthetic design, operation and technology, but within the possibilities and budget of our client. This is why they have created a special work methodology based on intensive contact with the client when working out plans, designs and during building construction. Slavija Biro is in nonstop contact and consultation with their clients, from the first day when the program is defined, through discussions on different design variations, and finally, during the supervision of work on the construction site to the final completion of the facility. Their task during design and construction is to provide their clients with the best information available and propose possible solutions so that the client can make the best decision.

Slavija Biro offers complete design services - town planning and architectural design, construction design, designing all types of installations and technological systems, and when the designing phase is finished they also supervise work on the construction site. Throughout the designing and construction phases this allows them to control the results of decisions that have been made, to intervene when necessary and to optimally coordinate the final quality of the building with the price of construction.

SLAVIJA BIRO has been working continually in the field since 1990. Through diverse projects they have perfected, learned and developed new design technology, using their own experience and the traditions of the local area. They consider every new project to be special with its own individuality. Their approach is that routine procedures and standard models in planning and designing urban areas and buildings do not improve man's working conditions and environment: each problem requires finding the solution that suits it alone. This has been our approach in all theirs projects. Slavija Biro’s portfolio presents the work of the architects and engineers from their design and consultation team.