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Reconstruction of the Avala tower

Year: 2009 Budget: 85.000.000 €

This is the most attractive project on which Ratko Mitrovic Dedinje worked as main contractors. See more

Aerial Tower

Year: 1966 Budget: N/A

The Antenna tower of the "mast" system is 202 m high. At the top of the column there is the COEL type antenna 16 m high. In the base the column is a triangle lattice. See more

The Kosutnjak water tower

Year: 1976 Budget: N/A

The water tower with a round reservoir capacity 2,000 m3, with the mid dia 21 m and average height 6.15 In, is placed on a central annular column with the dia 31 m. The water overflow level in the reservoir is 39 m above the terrain. See more

Water towers

Year: 1976 Budget: N/A

The towers in Kuwait were designed as a set of three towers two For water and one for lighting. All three are high reinforced concrete structures. See more

Psunj TV Areal Tower

Year: 1963 Budget: N/A

Description of the project: the antenna tower 128.5 m high free-standing, made of round pipes, completely welded. See more

Residential towers on Vozdovac

Year: N/A Budget: N/A

A cluster of three residential towers, height 22 to 24 Floors, is with widened cascade base. From the structural pint of view it was performed in the frame and panel system due to the dual purpose of the buildings. See more

Genex tower - Western City Gate

Year: N/A Budget: N/A

Genex Tower (Serbian: Кула Генекс, Kula Geneks), or Western City Gate (Serbian: Западна Капија Београда, Zapadna Kapija Beograda), is a 35-storey skyscraper in Belgrade, Serbia, which was designed in 1977 by Mihajlo Mitrović in the brutalist style. See more

Silver Tower

Year: 1992 Budget: N/A

The designing started in 1950s. The construction had been interrupted several times until 1986 when "Generalexport" was awarded as main Contractor in the international tender. See more

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