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Panchevo bridge

Year: 1946 Budget: N/A

The original bridge was built by the German companies, Siemens-Baunnion GmbH from Berlin, and Luxemburgische Bergwerks und Hütten A.G. from Dortmund. See more

Branko’s bridge

Year: 1957 Budget: N/A

The bridge was built in 1957, replacing the former chain-stayed King Aleksandar I bridge that was opened on December 16, 1934 and blown up in 1941. See more

Saint Irenaeus footbridge

Year: 1993 Budget: N/A

The footbridge "Sveti Irinej" ('`Saint Irenaeus") overbridges the Sava connecting Macvanska and Sremska Mitrovica. The bridge consists of the approach structure of the simple beam system with the span of 35 m and the main bridge system structure with oblique tie-rods of the span 35 + 192-5 + 35 m. See more


Year: 1980 Budget: N/A

The suspension footbridge (210 m span) overbridges the Drava and connects the city centre with the recreational zone. The single span bride, without intercolumns, enables free navigation. See more

The bridge near Beska

Year: 1975 Budget: N/A

The bridge made of prestressed concrete across the river Danube near Beska is a part of the motor highway Beograd - Novi Sad - Subotica. The overall length of the bridge is 2,250 m and width 14.40 m. See more

The Gazela bridge

Year: 1970 Budget: N/A

The bridge "Gazela" represents the combination of beam and arch. From the static point of view this is a shallow frame 332 m long. See more

Mainland-Sveti Marko-Krk island carriageway bridge

Year: 1979 Budget: N/A

To build the crossing from the mainland to the Island of Krk two sea canals had to be overbridged. Tihi Canal between the mainland and the Island off St. Marko with the water table of 462 m width, and Burni Canal between the islands of St. Marko and Krk of 250 m width. See more

The Mala Rijeka bridge

Year: 1973 Budget: N/A

The bridge on the Mala Rijeka (Little River) is about 8 km away from the mouth into the Moraca, and 20 km from the railway station Podgorica, towards Kolasin. See more

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