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The Railway bridge

Year: 1979 Budget: N/A

Railway bridge across the river Sava in Belgrade was designed and built within the framework of the new conception of the railway complex, so called "Prokop". See more

The Sloboda bridge

Year: 1981 Budget: N/A

The total lenght of the Sloboda (Freedom) Bridge is 1,312 m and its width is 27.68 m. On the bridge there are 6 carriageways, two footways, two safety lanes and one verge (between the opposite directions of the traffic circulation) where the pylons and oblique tie-rods are positioned in the main structure. See more

Ada Bridge

Year: 2010 Budget: 118.000.000 €

The Project is divided into three separate segments: The Bridge, The north approach roads, The south approach roads See more

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