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The Beogradjanka Business Building

Year: 1972 Budget: N/A

The Beogradjanka has 40,000 m2 of business and trading area, consisting of the ground-floor and 30 floors with the maximum height 101 m. It contains: a business area, a department store, a super-market, radio and TV station, restaurants and exhibition areas. See more

International Commerce Centre Phase Two

Year: 1990 Budget: N/A

THE ICC consists of the following buildings: A - the hotel of high category, GF+31, total area 9,981 m2; B - the sports-recreational section, total area 4,931 m2; C - business section for foreign partners, GF+20, total area 28.130 m2; D - business section for domestic partners, GF+16, total area 21,403 m2 See more

May 25 Sports & Recreation Centre

Year: 1973 Budget: N/A

On the right bank of the Danube on an area of 9 ha, a sports-recreational centre offers a full range of activities. It has a sports hall, open and indoor swimming pools, a restaurant with a bowling hall, a sauna, outdoor- sports grounds, etc. See more

The Belgrade Fair

Year: 1957 Budget: N/A

At the Belgrade Fair site GP "Rad" used an original system of prestressing. The Hall II was covered by two double curved shells which are a spherical sector above the square base with sides 48 m, with the radius of only 56 m. See more

International Fair

Year: 1977 Budget: N/A

The exhibition area occupies the largest part of the complex and is centrally positioned in relation to all other supporting structures. It is divided into four independent exhibition zones resulting in flexibility of its use. See more

Business & Residential Complex AI Kulafa

Year: 1983 Budget: N/A

The complex in its construction meets the basic city planning concept and in the centre of the composition there is a spacious octagonal atrium with a pool and a fountain. See more

Ministry Complex

Year: 1981 Budget: N/A

The Complex of ministry buildings is situated in the centre of the capital of Kuwait. It consists of 18 four-storey buildings (base 50.0 x 50.0 m) interconnected around a typical atrium. See more

Congress Centre

Year: 1985 Budget: N/A

The total area of the congress centre is 30,115 m2, with one floor under the ground and four above it. It consists of a hall, a meeting room, VII' section, press-centre and administrative-office part. See more

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