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The national library of Serbia

Year: 1975 Budget: N/A

The National library of Serbia is situated on the Vracar Plateau. It represents a high functional and architectural achievement. It has the area of 23,339 m2 and can house over 3,000,000 books. See more

The museum of the contemporary arts

Year: 1965 Budget: N/A

The Museum is located in the most beautiful part of Novi Beograd, at the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube. The shape of the building is designed as a polymorphous crystal. See more

The faculty of maritime studies

Year: 1986 Budget: N/A

The Complex of the Faculty of Maritime Studies consists of 27 construction-building units, respectively 92 buildings and is located 25 km away from Tripoli towards Zanzur (Libya). See more

Motol university clinical hospital

Year: 1993 Budget: N/A

Within the existing University Hospital Complex ("Motol") in Prague, during a period of five years the largest hospital in Europe was built. It is located 2 km away from the town centre on the area of one square kilometer. See more

The military medical academy

Year: 1984 Budget: N/A

The Military medical academy combines the following functions: hospital, faculty and polyclinics. There is a scientific-research department, teaching department, and treatment department. See more

The Institute Of Bio-Organic Chemistry

Year: 1988 Budget: N/A

The Institute of Bio-Organic Chemistry of the Academy of Science of USSR in Moscow was designed and executed as a system of independent buildings having basement, groundfloor plus six floors with the total area of 90,000 m2. See more

Saint Sava's Church

Year: N/A Budget: N/A

The idea for the construction of St. Sava's Church located on the Vracar Plateau had existed at the beginning of this century, but it actually began in 1935 according to the designs of Prof. Bogdan Nestorovic and Prof. Aleksandar Deroko. See more

Zapolarye sanatorium two

Year: 1993 Budget: N/A

The Complex has 70,000 m2 and occupies the area of 9 ha with all supporting buildings. See more

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