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Year: 2010 Budget: N/A

Completely modern architecture, utterly luxurious apartments, absolutely exquisite surroundings. See more


Year: 2010 Budget: 200.000.000 €

Belville is a completely new concept of residential space, snuggled in the heart of New Belgrade. Belville is a miniature city of its own in the midst of the Serbian capital Belgrade and is unique in many ways. See more

Metropolitan Project

Year: 2010 Budget: N/A

Metropolitan apartments is a modern residential-commercial complex which offers its owners the highest level of residential accommodation. The entire complex is being constructed according to the highest standards of quality, technical facilities and safety. See more

Park City

Year: 2010 Budget: 45.000.000 €

The facility will have four parts with 45,000 m2 of total surface area, and in the underground a 400-parking lot garage has already been constructed. The complex has been conceived as a residential-business complex, with about 250 apartments of the surface area of 60 to 400 m2. See more

Ethnic village

Year: 2009 Budget: 1.200.000 €

The whole village is spread on the land of 40 acres, which the investor Leon Srnec purchased by a rural household. The biggest problem was bringing the water, in what has invested about 50,000 eur. See more

Horizont Penthouse

Year: 2009 Budget: N/A

The building is designed to function as a "city within the city". In addition to the regular content of the building one can find attractions such as restaurants, laundry service, car wash, office space for the bank, etc..- all the necessary facilities for the daily needs of residents. See more

Engel Marina Dorcol

Year: 2012 Budget: 160.000.000 €

Marina Dorćol is located in the city of Belgrade, not far from the heart of the city and the business district. See more

Residential block 23

Year: 1974 Budget: N/A

According to the basic town-planning concept, Block 23 consists of three types of buildings divided into several spatial groups. See more

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