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Bajina Basta hydro-electric power plant

Year: 1966 Budget: N/A

The gravity concrete hollow dam 90 m high, 461 m long in the crest, forms the accumulation lake 50 km long with the capacity of 340x10 million m3. See more

Djerdap two hydro-power and waterway system

Year: 1983 Budget: N/A

The dam is located on the Danube, 80 km downstream from Djerdap I, or about 17 km upstream from the river Timok mouth into the Danube, between Romania and Serbia . See more

Djerdap one hydro-power and waterway system

Year: 1972 Budget: N/A

It is a concrete gravity clam, with 14 weir overflows, 25 m wide each. In Europe it is the largest project of this type excluding Russia, and it is one of the largest in the world. See more

Chira-Piura multipurpose water management system

Year: 1997 Budget: N/A

The water resources engineering system Chira-Piura is situated in the northern most part of the Republic of Peru, in the lower flow of the rivers China and Piura which run into the Pacific. See more

Kirkuk irrigation system

Year: 1986 Budget: N/A

Building of three pumping stations SSI, SSIII, SSX with complete delivery and installation of electrical and electromechanical equipment. Manufacture and assembly of the pipeline in the length 33 km, with the pipes of pre-stressed concrete dia from 1,200 to 1,800 mm. See more

Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal

Year: 1976 Budget: N/A

The water system Danube-Tisa-Danube is a unique hydroengineering system for flood control and usage water (hydrotechnical, amelioration forestry, water supply, waste water evacuation, navigation, fishing, hunting, tourism). See more

Regulation of the river Nisava in the city of Nis

Year: 1994 Budget: N/A

During the mentioned period the works on the regulation of the Nisava and its tributaries were performed to protect the settlements and the arable land from flooding. See more

Control and development of the Velika Morava river basin

Year: 1995 Budget: N/A

The total area of the Morava river basin is 37,966 km2. Out of this the Zapadna Morava river basin is 15,750 km2; the Juzna Morava river basin is 15,466 km2; the Velika Morava river basin is 6,770 km2. See more

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