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Doncafe factory

Year: 2007 Budget: 10.000.000 €

Doncafe factory is equipped with the latest technological equipment for processing coffee, with processing capacity exceeding 18,000 tons per year, which will grow to 30,000 tons. See more

Szamotuly oil & margarine plant

Year: 1992 Budget: N/A

The complex includes 70 facilities of various sizes and use and is situated on the area of 25 ha. The total area of the buildings in the complex is 40,000 m2. See more

Kuban agro-industrial combine

Year: 1990 Budget: N/A

Kuban agro-industrial combine consists of confectionery factory, wrapping and packing material factory, milk receiving and processing factory, frozen food and ice cream factory, infrastructure facilities. See more

ICN Galenika pharmaceutical factory

Year: N/A Budget: N/A

The factory complex consists of factory of ready made penicillin medicines, factory of ready made cephalosporhinic medicines and factory of ready made steroid hormone medicines. See more

Prva Iskra base chemicals plants

Year: 1985 Budget: N/A

Prva Iskra Base Chemistry is a petroleum complex. It contains the plant for production of toluoldiisocyanate (TDI) and the plant for production of linear alkylbenzene (LAB). See more

Grain silo

Year: 1974 Budget: N/A

The silo, in terms of its storage capacity of 50,000 t of grain and mechanical equipment; ranks among the largest silos in Serbia. See more

Zeolite factory

Year: 1991 Budget: N/A

The structure is built as a steel construction with ceramsite and brick walls. See more

IKL industrial complex

Year: 1981 Budget: N/A

Within the industrial complex of IKL (Industry of ball bearings) in Sarajevo, on the area of 14,948 m2, 10 buildings have been built. See more

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