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Hyatt Regency Hotel

Year: 1990 Budget: N/A

The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade is located in the vicinity of the Sava Congress Centre, and it is a five star hotel and the most luxurious in this part of Europe. The hotel has eight floors and 35,668 m2 of useful area. See more

Sheraton Hotel

Year: 1985 Budget: N/A

The Hotel has a total gross area of 36,648 m2 and consists of one underground floor (services and preparation of food), ground floor, two mezzanines, with public functions and hotel services (reception desk, hall, foyer, restaurant, bars, special purpose premises, offices). See more

Continental Hotel

Year: 1979 Budget: N/A

Continental Hotel Belgrade is a five-star hotel located in the New Belgrade area of the City of Belgrade, Serbia. The hotel was formerly part of the Inter-Continental hotel chain but recently it was removed as the owners of the hotel in Belgrade refused to renew the InterContinental name licence. See more

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