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Nis-Leskovac E-75 highway section

Year: 1990 Budget: N/A

Works on the highway consists of the Turpale loop and section Trupale - Kocani See more

Expressway No. 1

Year: 1983 Budget: N/A

The Iraqi Expressway No. 1 is one of the most attractive roads structures built in the world. See more

Seremban-Aver Hitam motorway

Year: 1988 Budget: N/A

The motorway Seremban - Ayer Hitan, section Ayer Keroh - Pagoh in Malaysia is 56 km long, with two carriageways and one shoulder lane (2x4.67x2.15) on both sides, and a median strip of variable width. See more

Hipodrom Intersection

Year: 2010 Budget: 18.690.000 €

Construction of overpasses at the Careva Cuprija will abolish the cross road and rail traffic in the position Pastroviceva street. This will increase security and accelerate traffic to Banovo hill, and the central parts of the city. See more

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