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  • Park City
  • Park City

  • Year: 2010 Budget: 45.000.000 €
  • The facility will have four parts with 45,000 m2 of total surface area, and in the underground a 400-parking lot garage has already been constructed. The complex has been conceived as a residential-business complex, with about 250 apartments of the surface area of 60 to 400 m2. See more

  •  Zeleni Venac Reconstruction
  • Zeleni Venac Reconstruction

  • Year: 2007 Budget: 9.000.000 €
  •   The major feature by which Zeleni Venac is known today is the open market of the same name (Serbian: Pijaca Zeleni Venac, Cyrillic: Пијаца Зелени Венац), one of largest in Belgrade. Also one of the major terminal stations of the city's public transportation, with almost 20 bus lines beginning there, is located next to the market. See more

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