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Azzaro business center

Brand new class A office building (cca.6,900 sqm together with an underground garage) located in New Belgrade, right across shopping center ‘’Piramida’’ in one of the main boulevards that connects New Belgrade with E75 highway and the rest of the city.

  • Employer: Azzaro-Parallel
  • Location: Belgrade
  • Total cost of project: 15.000.000 €
  • Years of construction: 2008 - N/A
  • Category: Business Centres, Sports Complexes And Congress Halls
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: 6.903 m²

Project Manager:
Apex Capital Europe

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The building is actually a retail-office mixture featuring an underground garage, ground floor and additional four floors are offices and conference areas.

Azzaro business center (phase 2 – Commercial - residential complex) is situated on urban site 2 along the Street Jurija Gagarina in block 63, parallel to Residential object (phase 1) which is at the same parcel forming Administrational - residential complex.

Parcel is in trapeze shape 70x72.8 m, P=4475 m2. Building border-line is parallel to the edges of the parcel according to regulation project. Plato in the Street Jurija Gagarina is flat and at absolute altitude 76.10, and approach plato for people is almost in the same level with 1 % fall (10 cm difference), so that used level of ground floor is 76.40 (±0.00).

Object is divided at 2 vertical blocks, with transparent ground floor and gallery long height, 2 monumental entrance portals with accented light frontal extruded slabs, glass half reflecting facade in upper levels, inside extruded transparent last story and big shallow roof with long eaves with aluminum revetment. Side facades are sheeted with glazed granite with big glass openings. Reflecting facade is cut with transparent wall into inside object elements towards elevators and stairs. That cut is reflected also in roof forming glass lantern that lightens spaces far from facade.

Parcel is situated in regulation shape along Street Jurija Gagarina, while approach to parcel is from approaching two way traffic Street Gandijeva. Garage of AZZARO business center is parallel to the Street Jurija Gagarina, and approach is by two way traffic car way with 7-8 % fall.

It is also foreseen two functional shelter for use of residential and administrational objects.



Object is leveled as ground floor + gallery + 4 stories. Business office spaces is projected at floors 1-4, while ground floor consists from bigger commercial spaces and entrances to blocks “A” and “B”.

Base functional conception is flexibility of administrational spaces by usage for 1, 2, 3 or more users, quality and equipment for modern business with light ceilings and light separation walls (or low level barrier in form of “open office”), but also economy of building process and great usage of functional space.

Working spaces are max 5 m far from natural lighting objects, which ensures quality of day light and quality of sightseeing. Offices can be from 3.6, 5.4, 7.2 m wide or more. Floors are antistatic; walls from wooden or gypsum barrier that can be removed without damaging of ceilings. Air-conditioning is central with fan-coil elements inside sill. Lockers and showcases can be arranged along corridor or between offices.

At every story there is pair of communicational verticals with 2 elevators, hall, stairs with stairs anteroom, 2 servers, 2 groups of toilets, 2 kitchenettes and installation rooms by block. Floors and walls of elevators are from granite ceramics; walls along offices are wooden structures with over base glass lightening.

Lower ground floor consists of 1 average garage (around 600 m2) and 2 small garages lower than 400 m2 (from witch one is 2 functional shelters) with 31+18+9 = 58 parking lots. The rest of parking spaces is on the ground plato and consists from 11 parking lots for usage of administrational part of object – summary of 69 parking lots witch satisfies functional needs.

All garages have installations against fire damage with adequate space for air barrier before vertical communications to upper levels, as foreseen in fire protection project. In ceiling of garage there are openings in ground plato for smoke taking.

Ground floor represents unique block of object that can as needed be divided into smaller blocks and commercial spaces and it is the most attractive level of object with longest height. By project it is foreseen 6 retail spaces with 2 vertical block entrances with 2 halls, 2 stairs and 2 elevators by vertical block.

Gallery over ground floor is connected with stairs with every retail space.

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