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Belgrade - Bar railroad

The Belgrade-Bar railroad, in terms of construction and traffic requirements, is one of the toughest railways in Europe.

  • Employer: The Republic of Serbia and The Republic of Montenegro
  • Location: Belgrade-Bar
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1954 - 1976
  • Category: Transport
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: Unknown

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The Institute for Traffic CIP

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§ The railroad line is 476 km long. Due to the difficult terrain and large investments, it had to be single track, with axle load of 25 t.

§ Depending on the railroad line elements (gradients and radius of curves) the trains run at the speed of 75-100 km/h between the stations. The line goes mainly through mountainous regions with maximum gradient of 25%. The lowest altitude point on the railway is in Bar (3 m) and the highest one in Kolasin (1032 m). One of the features of this railway is that 24% of its total length is in tunnels.

§ There are 254 tunnels with the total length of 114,437 m.

§ The tunnels longer than 4,000 m include:
- Zlatibor 6,169 m,
- Goles 4,964 m,
- Trebesica 5,170 m,
- Sozina 6,171 m.

§ Defying water flows, valleys and canyons, 206 concrete bridges were built in the length of 10,760 m and 28 steel bridges of the total length 3,833 m.

§ The bridges longer than 300 m are:
- Lim III 395 m,
- Ljubovija 311 m,
- Tara II 340 m,
- Mala Rijeka 499 m.

§ The railroad is electrified by monophase system 25 kV 50 Hz. Transportation is 8,000,000 gross tons per annum.

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