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Belgrade By-Pass

Belgrade City Road Bypass (Serbian: Обилазница око Београда) or simply Belgrade Bypass is a beltway, currently under construction, around the city of Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia.

  • Employer: Government of Serbia, European Agency for Rehabilitation (EAR)
  • Location: Belgrade
  • Total cost of project: 115.000.000 €
  • Years of construction: 2005 - N/A
  • Category: Transport
  • Status: Under construction
  • Area: Unknown
  • Contractor: PE Roads of Serbia

Mostogradnja, Energoprojekt, Planum

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It is one of Serbia's most important infrastructural projects, financed from the National Investment Plan with the financial backing of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European Investment Bank. Its construction is expected to alleviate Belgrade's congestion problems, and remove all transit traffic from the city center, unloading the critical Gazela and Pančevo bridges. The total length of the bypass will be 69 kilometers.

The bypass was planned by the Belgrade's general urbanistic plan, and its parts have been sporadically built for 17 years. However, the works intensified around the end of 2005.The total investment is estimated at euro 543 million, with around € 370 million remaining. Of those, 55 million come from the EBRD, 180 from the EIB, and the remainder from the National Investment Plan.

Source: Wikipedia

Image: Beoinfo

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