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Cerak 2 and Cerak Vinogradi

The settlement lies on the southwest slopes of Sumadia's hills and slants towards Zeleznik, facing the valleys oh the rivers Sava and Rakovica. On the area of 57.39 ha, 2,500 flats were designed and built in the multiapartment buildings where inhabitants live.

  • Employer: Beograd Housing Community and Defence Headquarters of City of Beograd
  • Location: Belgrade
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1978 - 1987
  • Category: Housing Estates
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: 573.900 m²
  • Contractor: Napred

Detail design:
Institute for Architecture and Town Planning of Serbia, Napredprojekt

Melanija Marusic, BSc (arch.); Darko Marusic, BSc (arch.) and Nedeljko Borovnica, BSc (arch.)

Bratislava Radovanovic

Structure Designer:
Vladimir Sandorovic

Installation Designer:
Zoran Zugic, BSc (meth. eng.); Olga Lilic-Mirkovic, BSc (arch.) and Ljubomir Tesla, electrotechnician

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All buildings are with the groundfloor plus three doors or the groundfloor plus six floors.

§ The concept of these settlement is based on four programme-design orientations: to honour the quality of location, to reaffirm the traditional urban forms, to apply the methods of hierarchy in the spatial-social organization of the residential unit and to reckon with the factor of movement in the settlement.

§ The main goal was to create an ambient i. e. the urbanistic context of dwelling. All other designing activities were subjected to the aim of modeling the space ambient between (the houses where people move about or- live. The idea oh neighbourhood centres became an integrating motive so that the link between the sections and wholeness is achieved in the relation - the steet ant the settlement.

§ The basic principles in finding the architectural solution for the flat, besides the usual ones, were those offered by designers and their specific programme conditions related to organizing the living

1. sleeping out of the living-room area,

2. flats facing two sides,

3. accent on open areas in the flat 4 flexibility of arrangement of flats near the stairway

§ The groundfloor flats in the buildings lave the same room arrangement as those on standard storeys (one fifth of the flats in the settlement). In front of the flat i. e. in front of the loggia there is a small garden forming a buffer against the pavements and traffic lanes.

§ On the top floor of the buildings, under the inclined roof, the designed flats have the same room arrangements as the flats on the typical floor.

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