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Chira-Piura multipurpose water management system

The water resources engineering system Chira-Piura is situated in the northern most part of the Republic of Peru, in the lower flow of the rivers China and Piura which run into the Pacific.

  • Location: Peru
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1970 - 1997
  • Category: Hydro-Engineering Projects
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: Unknown
  • Contractor: Energoprojekt, GOSA, "Metalna", COSAPI, UPCA, VILLASOLI - consortium of Peruvian companies.

Detail design:
Energoprojekt, IECO - USA, LAGESA - Peru, Salzgitter - Germany, Novoa - Peru

Zivorad Ercic, Aleksandar Bozovic, Bogdan Uzelac, Slobodan Cubrilo, Milutin Miloradovic, Mile Rasic, Miroslava Tomasevic-Nikic, Petar Anagnosti, Dragan Vasic, Vitomir Babovic, Relja Zivojinovic, Vojislav Cveticanin

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The water resources engineering solution is based on the accumulating of the water surplus from the upper part of the Chira basin (about 3,5x10 m3 of the approx. annual inflow) in the accumulation POECHOS (about 1x109 m3 volume), and on transporting of one part of these waters in the Piura basin by means of a headwater channel 55 m long. Thus the Piura valley which is short of water is revitalised and prepared for modern irrigation of about 35,000 ha of arable land. At the same time in the Lower China basin about 25,000 ha of arable land is prepared for irrigation and drainage, too. For these arable areas, besides the main channels, two headwater dams are made, dykes along the regulated river flow of both rivers and the channel network for irrigation and drainage of the reclaimed ground. On the dam POECHOS a power plant is to be built, and at the outflow chute of the headwater channel in the Chira valley "Curunuy" the power plant is under construction at the head of about 25 m. The system was gradually built in the following phases:

§ The first phase (from 1970 to 1977) covers: the rock filled dam POECHOS about 9 km long with the max. height of about 55 m and the total excavation volume 9,000,000 m3; the diversion tunnel was transformed into the bottom outlet of the max. capacity 14 m3/s; the concrete gravitational block of the overflow structure (400,000 m3 concrete) with the radial gates of the total capacity up to 5,500 m3/s and the safety overflow about 200 m long with the capacity up to 10,000 m3/s. The headwater discharge and the headwater channel capacity 70 m3/s (8,00,000 m3 excavation and 1,000,000 m3 of concrete for channel lining) and the channel drainage system in the lower CIIira flow (10,000,000 m3 excavation in total) with over 1,000 structures on the channel network (overflows, outlets, gates and the like).

§ The second phase (from 1977 to 1985) covers: the headwater clam LOS EJEDOS 220 m long, max. height 20 m with the gates capacity 3,00 m3/s; the main channel 42 km long, capacity 45 m3/s; the protecting embankments 60 km long along the Piura and the channel system with supporting structures on the area of 35,000 ha.

§ The third phase (from 1985) to 1996/7) consists of: headwater dam SULLANA 75 m long, max. height 12 m with gates of the total capacity up to 5,000 m3/s, and the headwater channel NORTE capacity 25,5 m3/s, 56 km long which irrigates 15,000 ha and the channel SUR, about 35 km long with the capacity 7 m3/s for irrigation of about 7,000 ha (in total about 5,000,000 m3 excavation), and about 60 km dykes along the regulated river bed in the lower Chira flow (about 5,500,000 m3 embankment).

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