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Engel Marina Dorcol

Marina Dorćol is located in the city of Belgrade, not far from the heart of the city and the business district.

  • Employer: Engel East Europe
  • Location: Belgrade
  • Total cost of project: 160.000.000 €
  • Years of construction: N/A - 2012
  • Category: Housing Estates
  • Status: In plan
  • Area: 76.000 m²

Detail design:
Rami Vimer

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The project is located on the Danube River, in the old city centre, downstream from the Kalemegdan Fortress and in the vicinity of a modern residential zone along the riverside. The location has beautiful views of the river.

The current approved Urban Project allows the building of:

• 7 towers, out of which one shall be office and the other an Hotel, the rest is Residential

• Marina for about 150 Yachts with restaurants, shops and specialists offices around the water

• Underground and over ground car parks for 1200 cars

• large green areas with internal private pedestrian lanes


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