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Haditha hydro-electric power plant

The Haditha dam on the Euphrates is rock filled, with a dolomite central core and an asphalt-concrete diaphragm.

  • Location: Iraq
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1981 - 1987
  • Category: Hydro-Engineering Projects
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: Unknown
  • Contractor: Hidrogradnja

Detail design:
Energoprojekt, Institute for Water Management "Jaroslav Cerni"

"Metalna", "Rode Koncar", "Litostroj"

Aleksandar Bozovic, Dragon Vasic

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The project is a gravity dam with dam machine building and the main outlet weir overflows the building. On its left and right hand side bottom outlets are symmetrically placed. Downstream from the machine building and the overflow is the stilling pool. The bottom outlets have separate stilling pools. Such a block plan of the project meant considerable savings, and at the same time made the constructors build in an unconventional way. The aim of the clam with accumulation - to provide irrigation, to produce electric power and to control extreme flooding.

- height of the building 78.1 m,
- width of the building 88.0 m,
- length of the building 191.5 m,
- dam crest length 8,700 m,
- quantity of built in concrete 1,060,000 m3,
- quantity of built-in reinforcement 70,000 tons,
- overflow capacity 13,478 m3/s.
- six weir overflows with total width 134 m,
- two bottom outlets about 4,300 m3/s,
- rated power 660 MW.

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