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Completely modern architecture, utterly luxurious apartments, absolutely exquisite surroundings.

  • Employer: Srbostampa doo
  • Location: Belgrade
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 2009 - 2010
  • Category: Housing Estates
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: 1.500 m²
  • Contractor: Landing doo

Detail design:
ARS Regia

Miodrag Mirkovic, Dragan Marcetic

Insomnia Design

Structure Designer:
SAM Projekt

Installation Designer:
Beo Potez, Atelje MV

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Infinity consists of six residential and business apartments located between the second and seventh floors. Each of them covers one whole floor, except for the apartment on the seventh floor, which is a two-level apartment.

On each the ground floor, first floor and basement level, there is commercial space with an entrance and window facing the street. On the underground level of the building, which is reachable by the car elevator, there is a garage for passenger cars. All floors are interconnected by vertical communication – a staircase and private elevator.


Flawless architecture

A big outlet with the window and the entrance facing the street occupies the ground floor, the first floor and the basement of the facility. The garage for passenger vehicles is situated on the underground floors of the facility, which can be accessed via car elevator. All floors are connected to each others by means of stairs and private elevator.

- Our opinion was that the apartment at 100 square meters can not be comfortable, and that is why "Infinity" suites occupy about 240 square meters each.

The street facade is double, covered by quality glass, which only one Dutch company accepted to do. Original glass facade is made of specific material that has, so far, been used only in construction of one hotel and one yachting club. Its role is to prevent noise, as well as to create another ambient because that space will serve as a big jardinere. The idea is that various plants be planted in it. The most imaginative horticulturists are hired to create a Mediterranean oasis of freshness and greenery in the heart of the city.

The research of the structure of urban apartments led the authors to finely balance day and night zones, and create an apartment in which the privacy of each member of the family is as important as the premises where all the family members gather. What is even more important, according to the authors, is the existence of different ambiental zones where every member of the family can find his or her own corner, in accordance with his or her needs and affinities.

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