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Mratinje hydro-electric power plant

The hydroelectric power station is located on the river Piva in Montenegro, about 10 km upstream from the confluence of the Tara and the Piva, in the narrowest part of the Piva canyon.

  • Location: Piva river
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1971 - 1976
  • Category: Hydro-Engineering Projects
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: Unknown
  • Contractor: Hidrotehnika

Detail design:

"Jaroslav Cerni", "Vodogradbeni Laboratorij", Institute for Material Testing of Serbia, "Geosonda", GOSA, GIK "Crna Gora", GP "Mostogradnja", Kombinat aluminijuma, "Litostroj", "Metalna", "Rade Koncar", "Servisimport", "Jugoelektro", "Zetatrans"

Aleksandar Bozovic, Tricko Trickovic, Energoprojekt

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Station about 2.85 km downstream from the Mratinje brook after which the dam was named. The width of the riverbed at dam site does not exceed 25 m, and the canyon is about 100 m high, with exceptionally steep sides (60-80%).

§ By creating the accumulation a complete yearly levelling of the Piva waters has been achieved. It is a concrete arch clam, with double curve of variable thickness. The hydroelectric power station is an accumulation dam-type plant with relatively short supply and the machine building in the left part of the canyon, downstream from the dam.

§ Characteristics:
- dam crest length 201 m,
- maximum clam height 220 m,
- installed flow 3x80 m3/s,
- rated power 3x120 MW,
- annual production of electricity E=860 GWh,
- total vol. of accumulation V=880x10 million m3,
- basin area 1,757.7 km2,
- useful vol. of accumulation 790x10 million m3,
- outlet capacity 1,670 m3/s.

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