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Nis-Leskovac E-75 highway section

Works on the highway consists of the Turpale loop and section Trupale - Kocani

  • Location: Nis - Leskovac
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1989 - 1990
  • Category: Transport
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: Unknown
  • Contractor: Novi autoput, Jugoslaviaput, Ratko Mitrovic

Detail design:
Institute for Roads

Partizanski put, Planum, Jugoslaviaput, Minel, Boja

B. Momeilovic

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The Trupale loop

§ On the highway Beograd-Nis-Skopje (E-75), section Trupale-Batusnica, a Trupale loop was built to enable smooth traffic on the international sections Beograd-Nis, Nis-Sofija and Nis-Thessaloniki. At present, it is the only one built junction on the highways in Serbia from which traffic branches towards Serbia , Greece and Bulgaria.

§ As regards the leveling solution, the Trupale loop is in three Levels and harmoniously matches the surrounding terrain.

§ The asphalt surfacing covers 155.334 m2. The road width is 2x11.00 m, the median strip 4 m, shoulders 2x1.0 m.

§ Other important characteristics: excavation 457,723 m3, embankment 46,936 m3, roadbase 98,550 m3, bito-gravel 7,447 tons, bito-aggregate 2,608 tons, asphalt-concrete 24,835 tons curb 18/24, 24/24 cm, 2,291 m, concrete b fitters 4,396 m, pipe culverts of various profiles 2,749 m.


Section Trupale - Kocani

§ The highway section Trupale-Kocani was built by "Ratko Mitrovic" with the supporting structures, flyovers, loops and bridges. The bridge across the river Juzna Morava was built which with the total span of 140 m and the embankment height (at the approach to the structure) enables future water communication.

§ Other important characteristics: 3,910 thousands cubic meters was excavated. Approx. 673,000 m2 of pavement was built and 160 linear meters of bridge structures.


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