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Park City

The facility will have four parts with 45,000 m2 of total surface area, and in the underground a 400-parking lot garage has already been constructed. The complex has been conceived as a residential-business complex, with about 250 apartments of the surface area of 60 to 400 m2.

  • Employer: Vondel Capital
  • Location: Novi Sad
  • Total cost of project: 45.000.000 €
  • Years of construction: N/A - 2010
  • Category: Housing Estates
  • Status: Under construction
  • Area: 45.000 m²
  • Contractor: Radun Inzenjering, YU Build

Detail design:
Biro M

Project Manager:

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The height of the largest part of the complex (A,B, and D) is ground floor plus four additional floors, while the part overlooking the park (C) haste height of seven/eight floors. The width of the interior street on the ground floor is 10m, while this distance increases above the ground floor to 20m, due to indentation on upper floors. Different general purpose of the facilities (commercial space, business offices, residential apartments) has been designated according to the utilization logic - accessibility, or the ratio between public and private.

Building details
Commercial space takes up the entire ground floor of the facility - constructed with utmost attention, as this is the part most directly ‘communicating’ with the surrounding area. The ground floor and the gallery are completely connected, so that each store/commercial space has its own gallery part. The height of the gallery itself is 2.82m, while the total height of each space from the ground floor varies from 6.25m - 7.12 m. Both the gallery and ground floor provide for the construction of lowered/suspended ceiling, where all necessary installations, including cooling/heating system (fen-coil-system) will be placed. The entire façade of the ground floor consists of large surface glass panels, which allows for visual uniformity and permeation of external and internal space, and is additionally emphasized, with equable materialization of the ground floor (utilization of the same floor panelling for the ground floor of the entire complex, both of commercial/business space and pedestrian walkways). Particular attention was devoted to public spaces (interior street and passageways) - where greenery, children playground elements, and other additions are also anticipated.

Business offices are located on the first, second, and partially on the third floors of all parts of the complex - except the one oriented towards the park (C facility). They are accessed by individual entrances and vertical communications from the main street, which are separate from the entrances of the residential parts of the complex. Business offices have been constructed as ‘open spaces’, with high level of adjustability to a variety of needs. Structural glass façade enables transparent views of the facility’s surroundings, which make for open, comfortable, and dynamic work environment. Ceiling height of business spaces is 2.85m, with the exception of a narrow part adjoining the façade, where heating/cooling ‘fan-coil’ system will be installed.

In the three lower parts of the complex (A, B, and D), residential units are located above office spaces, on the third and fourth floor of the facility, in the form of duplexes. As previously stated, their stairs/elevator cores are separated from the business ones, as well as their entrances, which are accessed from the interior street. The ceiling height in residential units is 2.85m. These units are also distinguished by varied structure - they differ in size, number of rooms, and their functional organization. In addition to interior equipping with materials and built-in elements of highest and certified quality, the common factor of convenient living is also represented by spacious terraces on both apartment levels.

The largest part of the façade wall opens up to these terraces as regular or sliding terrace doors, offering the possibility of ‘extending’ the living room space outside. Even though duplexes are organized ‘traditionally’, with the ‘quiet’, or bedroom zone on the upper level, and the living area on the lower lever - there is a possibility of converting the two (depending on the wish of the customer). In this way, the living room areas converted to upper levels would acquire larger terraces, and as such, become more spacious themselves. In the largest part of the complex (facility C), residential units are located from the first to the seventh, or eighth floor. As in other parts, these apartments also vary in organizational structure and size, but a number of these apartments have been bestowed with a certain level of exclusivity, considering their orientation, and views of the park. All terraces in this facility have been covered with removable transparent glass panels without vertical bars, which can be folded, thus exposing the entire terrace, or unfolded, which then provides a private ‘greenhouse’ for each apartment. On uppermost floors of facility C, two- and three-level apartments feature private roof terraces.

In addition to standard equipment, all apartments in all parts of the complex will include air-conditioners. External part of these heating/cooling units will be located on the roof in part A, B, and D, while the facility C will have niches on each terrace especially designed for this purpose.

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