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Sunlit Peaks

The apartment complex Suncani Vrhovi (Sunlit Peaks) is a part of the tourist centre of Mt Kopaonik. There are 412 apartments fitted in the national style with 1.421 beds.

  • Employer: Generalexport, Republic of Serbia
  • Location: Kopaonik
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1981 - 1991
  • Category: Tourist Settlements And Hotels
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: Unknown
  • Contractor: Pobeda, Komgrap, Elektron

Detail design:

Relja Kostic

Zoran Djordjevic

Structure Designer:
Zoran Djordjevic

Installation Designer:
B. Petkovic

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The apartments are in the buildings which are arranged in a circular shape and interconnected. They differ in number of floors ranging from ground floor, two floors and an attic up to five floors and an attic.

§ This complex is built on the slopes of one of the most beautiful Yugoslav mountains at the foot of Pancic Peak and it forms a unity with the surrounding natural beauty due to which Mt Kopaonik has been proclaimed a national park.

§ The apartment complex design with its interior is a mixture of the national and modern style. The buildings have old Serbian names like Ras, Kozjak, Maglic, etc. This apartment complex is not far from the ancient monasteries of Studenica and Sopocani.

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