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Tech park

Area designed for technology park located in the southwestern part of the town of Vrsac, the area between the railway Belgrade - Vrsac - Timisoara (Romania), the main road Belgrade - Vrsac - Vatin (Romania) and the railway station Vrsac, and relies on a physical complex Hemofarm.

  • Employer: Vrsac municipality, IMA, Fresenius, Galeb Group, TO-MA Palete, Shott AG, Multivita
  • Location: Vrsac
  • Total cost of project: 4.500.000 €
  • Years of construction: 2009 - N/A
  • Category: Business Centres, Sports Complexes And Congress Halls
  • Status: Under construction
  • Area: 275.000 m²
  • Contractor: Strabag

Detail design:
Planning Institute of Vojvodina

Installation Designer:
Elektrovojvodina, Telekom Srbija

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Area of 27 hectares has all the conditions to be fully equipped with infrastructure. The town of Vrsac is situated near by the Flight Academy and Training Center JAT, with the runway, which could be used for business purposes. Plans are underway to expand the existing airport Vrsac.

The overall objective of the development of industrial companies in the technology park is the introduction of economically profitable production with efficient use of renewable resources and use the highest environmental standards.

Realization of the basic objective of development in Vrsac Technology Park includes: active support of Hemofarm:
- In creating a favorable business atmosphere in the local environment, attractive for foreign and domestic investors
- Supporting the establishment of small and medium enterprises using different models of joint ventures and foreign direct investment;
- Provision of sites for the construction of small enterprises (prospect and rent office space and storage facilities) and providing full logistical support;
- Expansion of production-technical and other forms of cooperation and aid for companies by certain specialized agencies of Hemofarm in management, marketing, technology transfer, administrative affairs, financial and project consulting, research and development activities, laboratory services and other areas where they need Knowledge and experience of staff Hemofarm;
- Increasing the innovative capabilities, the use of modern, economically and environmentally efficient technologies on the one hand, and development of small enterprises with the use of standard technology, on the other side;
- Modernization and development of existing production capacity with the intensification of production volume, employment, GDP and the efficiency of economy;
- Diversification and restructuring of industrial production with the introduction of new environmentally suitable products based on new technologies and new materials in accordance with market conditions and
- Application of the principles of sustainable development of industry, application of instruments and standards of product quality and environmental benefits of products (ISO standard 9000, ISO 14000, etc.)..

Strategic orientation of industrial development and other technology companies in the area of the park should take into account the general criteria: internal and social profitability, technical and technological intensity and innovation; favoring knowledge and high educated staff, efficiency of use of created and natural resources and environmental acceptability. From the viewpoint. interests of local and regional environment, the basic criteria for selection of priority development activities and programs are:

- Compliance with spatial - environmental resources and capacities;
- Contribution to employment growth,
- GDP growth- Contribution to the balanced distribution of activities and the productive forces,
- Attracting other economic activities,
- Level of using renewable and non-renewable natural resources,
- The development of hi-tech and environmentally efficient technologies,
- Energy saving and
- Increasing the share of technologically efficient and innovative industry in the economic structure of the town of Vrsac and wider regional area

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Current state of technology park

Source: Technology Park Vrsac

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