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The Mala Rijeka bridge

The bridge on the Mala Rijeka (Little River) is about 8 km away from the mouth into the Moraca, and 20 km from the railway station Podgorica, towards Kolasin.

  • Employer: The Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Montenegro
  • Location: Belgrade-Bar Railway
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1969 - 1973
  • Category: Bridges
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: Unknown
  • Contractor: Mostogradnja

Detail design:
Traffic Institute CIP

LIK, Metalna, Djuro Djakovic

Prof. Ljubomir Jevtovic

Prof. Ljubomir Jevtovic

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At the time of construction, it was the highest railway bridge in Europe, 200 m above the water level. Two highest bridge piers (also world records) have the height of 139 m foundations included.

§ The bridge is a continuous girder over five spans 81.20 + 92.80 + 150,80 + 92.80 + 81.20 m, of the total length of 498.80 m, with one railway track. The distance between the main girder axis is 6.5 m and the distance between the upper and bottom boom axis is 12.00 m. The last bridge span has a straight line extension, the railway being to a curve.

§ In the clan of bridge building the canyon slopes are of calcareous material with fissures in the deeper zones of the rock mass. The foundations are massive and contain 8,000 m3 concrete each. The piers were made with sliding forms and tower crane inside the piers, and it was moved vertically upwards according to the stages of work. The casting of foundations was done with stable concrete pumps with corresponding pipelines, while the casting of piers was done by concrete pumps with pipelines and a cable crane of 12 tons Ioad capacity.

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