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The military medical academy

The Military medical academy combines the following functions: hospital, faculty and polyclinics. There is a scientific-research department, teaching department, and treatment department.

  • Employer: Yugoslav Army
  • Location: Belgrade
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: N/A - 1984
  • Category: Facilities In The Fields Of Culture, Education And Health Care
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: 170.000 m²
  • Contractor: Jugodrvo, Javor, Janko Lisjak, Montaza, Svetlost, Sipad, Unioninvest, Jodran, Ratko Mitrovic

Detail design:
Osnova, Prednapregnuti beton, Masinoprojekt

Joze Osojnik, BSc (arch.) and Slobodan Nikolic, BSc (arch.)

oze Osojnik, BSc (arch.) and Slobodan Nikolic, BSc (arch.)

Structure Designer:
Cedomir Cvetkovic, BSc (civil eng.) and Nikola Ginic, BSc (civil eng.)

Installation Designer:
Radomir Lalic, BSc (electr.) and Mitar Petrovic, BSc (mech. eng.)

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The treatment department has: a polyclinic with 40 clinics and 12 specially equipped rooms for about 1000 polyclinical check-ups daily; the hospital part has 1500 beds, and every room has independent sanitary fittings. The central surgery block has three types of operating theatres: 4 smaller of 28 m2, 8 medium of 36 m2 and 4 large theatres of 48 m2 (beside the operating theatres in the central block, there are 6 more theatres outside this surgery block).

§ The complex occupies the area of 20.8 ha with 170,000 m2 total area, and has three underground floors, a groundfloor and 15 floors. The structure is reinforced concrete with the grid 7.2 x 7.2, the lower part is of rectangular shape and the upper one in the shape of a cross. The outside finish is made of long-lasting materials: marble, aluminium and copper. The inside walls are light, mountable/demountable, lined with ceramic or plastified wallpaper. The floors are mainly rubber, ceramic or carpeted.

§ The whole complex is air-conditioned, including amphitheatre, lecture hall, library, pharmacy, kitchen (for 1,700 meals), laundry (4,500 kg per day), central storage, transport unit, rubbish collecting and burning, firefighting system, technical service, etc.

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